Jersey Shore Finale - Its Time Jersey Shore Finale Episode Finale time watch for free

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The season finale of MTV’s Jersey Shore airs tonight and you won’t want to miss a second of the last episode of the year.

We’ll get underway with the Jersey Shore finale at 10:00 PM ET tonight and there should be plenty of reasons to watch the episode. It seems like the Jersey Shore cast is getting into some sort of trouble nearly every episode and we are confident the producers of the MTV hit show have saved some good footage for the finale.

For those who have not paid attention, Jersey Shore focuses on 7 members who live together on the coast. The show started with 8 until Angelina left the show in a previous episode. That leaves us with a cast of “The Situation”, “JWoww”, “Snooki”, Ronnie, DJ Pauly D, Sammi “Sweetheart”, and Vinny for the finale.

The Jersey Shore show follows these guidos and “guidettes” as they party, drink, argue, and fight through every episode. The drama is always high and the fun is at an even higher level. Whether or not you approve of the lifestyle of these 7 individuals, you still have to admit that this train wreck of a show is enjoyable to watch.

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The highlight of the Jersey Shore season has probably been “Snooki” getting punched by a drunken guy in a bar. Clips of this incident have been floating around the internet well before the show gained fame and this is definitely the defining moment that viewers will remember from the Jersey Shore’s first season.

Don’t miss the start time of the season finale of the Jersey Shore tonight on MTV.