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Lacey Carroll, lacey carroll copperfield , Lacey carroll miss washington, lacey l. carroll, lacey l carroll, lacey carroll copperfield ​Lacey Carroll is a 23-year-old waitress, aspiring model and runner-up in the 2010 Miss Washington USA pageant. (Copyrighted headshot here.) Three years ago she accused magician David Copperfield of rape. Now she's facing charges of her own.

Bellevue police say Carroll extorted a 31-year-old Bellevue Man on December 2 when she asked him for $2,000 in exchange for sex. They also say she lied when she accused the man of molesting her after he refused her offer.

Carroll's accuser told police that he knew her because he was a customer at the restaurant where she worked. According to him the two met up at a club, rented a $370 room at the Bellevue Hotel, ordered champagne and started fooling around. According to the charges, Carroll then told the man he could "have it all" if he put the cash in her purse.

The man says that when he refused, Carroll left the room crying. He says afterward he saw her downstairs telling hotel staff she'd been taken advantage of.

Despite her claims, Carroll wasn't very cooperative with police. She was reluctant to give them results of a rape examination taken at a local hospital, telling cops she didn't want it to interfere with her case against Copperfield.

She also offered inconsistent reports, initially claiming that she'd blacked out and woken up with the man on top of her in the hotel room. A scenario unsupported by surveillance video that showed the pair making out in the lobby and in the elevator.

Carroll's case against Copperfield alleged that the entertainer raped her on his $50 million private island in the Bahamas after plucking her out of a crowd at a Kennewick show in 2007. Two weeks ago, following the news of Carroll's arrest, the Feds said they wouldn't pursue criminal charges against Copperfield.

Carroll still has a pending civil suit against the magician. In the meantime, she's been charged with misdemeanor prostitution and filing a false report.