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the 2010 NBA All Star Starters Were Named for Eastern and Western Conference

The 2010 NBA All-Star game starters were announced on Tuesday. Some of the players on the 2010 NBA All-Star teams (and starters) are very deserving off their slots on the teams, but there are also a few of them that are only making the
2010 NBA All Star Game Starters Revealed (Full All Star Teams and Players to Come)
cut this year because they are fan favorites. There are also some very familiar faces on the 2010 NBA All Star teams, including Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade, who keep getting voted in (deservedly) to the All Star games. It will be interesting to see how the benches look when everything is said and done, because there are a number of starters that wouldn't make the team based on 2009-2010 season performances alone.

The announcement of the 2010
NBA All Star team starters was made on TNT, as a special show before the Thursday night of the NBA coverage. With the starters possibly having some surprises, it could make the Western Conference reserves even tougher for the coaches. This is also the fourth straight year that Kevin Garnett has been a starter, and LeBron James is the leading vote getter this year. Dwight Howard joins the East for the fourth straight year as well (third straight starting role), and Dwyane Wade is in the fifth consecutive starting slot, with Allen Iverson getting a controversial start at the point guard slot.

2010 NBA Western Conference All Stars (Starters)

G --
Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Laker)
G -- Steve Nash (Phoenix Suns)
C -- Amar 'e Stoudemire (Phoenix Suns)
F -- Carmelo Anthony (Denver Nuggets)
F -- Tim Duncan (San Antonio Spurs)

2010 NBA Eastern Conference All Stars (Starters)

G -- Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat)
G --
Allen Iverson (Philadelphia 76ers)
C -- Dwight Howard (Orlando Magic)
F --
LeBron James (Cleveland Cavs)
F -- Kevin Garnett (Boston Celtics)

The 2010 NBA
All Star game will be played on Sunday, February 14th, 2010 in Cowboys Stadium.