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freehold township schools, point pleasant schools, news 12 nj school closing, 94.3 the point, nj school closings There is a cool, refreshing breeze sweeping across the University of South Florida campus. It is a breath of fresh air and change that has folks smiling around Bulls Nation.

Today is National Signing Day or call it what it truly is: National Restocking Day.

For USF, it represents hope for the future under a new leader.

Holtz has already made his mark on USF recruiting. He has lured away local product Terrence Mitchell from Florida State and sometime today the player known as “T-Rex” at Hillsborough High School, should sign on with the Bulls.

Holtz has been traveling at break-neck speed, luring an assortment of players but most obvious is that he likes very large offensive linemen. That has been a weakness at USF through the years and today, Holtz may have two huge guys on board — Jake Kaufman from Brick Township in New Jersey (6-9, 330) and Quinterrius Eatmon from Prichard, Alabama (6-6, 335). There will be more.

Lagrange (Georgia) quarterback Jamius Gunsby should be on board if he honors his verbal commitment. He’s 6-5, 225 with a big arm.

Holtz wasted little time in getting rid of some recruits from the former regime. Manatee High quarterback Brion Carnes was told that USF would not pursue him. He will sign today with Western Kentucky. Carnes most likely fell into the “conditional” category with academics and that’s another change from the previous regime.

Former coach Jim Leavitt was not a fan of the school’s faculty committee that makes decisions on those conditional players. In fact, it would not be a stretch to say that Leavitt despised those folks.

You can bet that in his rounds, Holtz has probably already met with the committee and no doubt emphasized that there is a new and improved sheriff in town.

Holtz is scheduled to makes his annoucements late this afternoon, then head out for a public party to celebrate his recruiting class.

There will be changes.

Holtz may toss out new rules for his team. Really long hair may be on the outs. His guys will learn to be “yes sir” and “no sir” type of people. And yes, Holtz will no doubt be out to mend the media bridges that were burned by Leavitt.

And why not? His dad Lou is a media darling.

Skip Holtz knows the power of a good image with the press.

Change begins today.

The winds are blowing in some new talent.

And that’s a good thing for USF.