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jsa smallville | Watch jsa smallville Free Steam, courtney whitmore, justice society of america members. Comic book icon Geoff Johns has worked on Smallville before in the Legion of Superheroes story, but tonight he’ll get a chance to play in a somewhat familiar sandbox. In the 1990’s, the JSA series was revived by David Goyer and James Robinson. Johns came along later and eventually took the reigns of the title, making it a massive success and creating a clear legacy in the superhero community of DC Comics that was sorely lacking. Despite his success on other titles such as the Flash, it was his work on JSA that really solidified his reputation as a heavy weight in the DC bullpen. In anticipation of tonight’s Geoff Johns spoke to CBR and hinted that there are more than a fair share of nods to the comic book fans along the way.

“Everything was in the script,” Johns explained of items including Green Lantern’s lantern. “I wrote as much detail as I could, and then we talked about every single prop. We talked about the car that Sylvester [Pemberton] drives and the Star-Rocket Racer, what that would be. And they were great about it. I tried to put in as much as I could because this is the live-action JSA. I don’t know when we’ll get another chance to see the live action JSA, so I wanted to do as much stuff as possible – the painting, the table…everything.

“And there’s tons of stuff throughout the whole episode. In dialogue there’s mentions that make you see that there’s really a society behind all this. These three guys aren’t the only members. There’s a big history behind it, and quite frankly what you guys have seen – even though they’ve shown a lot of it – there’s still a whole lot more. I’m excited for people to see it because comic fans are going to go ballistic, and people who are just fans of ‘Smallville’ I hope are going to become fans of the JSA after this.”

The story hook that Johns and the series producers employed to get new fans on the JSA page involves the death of longtime society member Wesley “The Sandman” Dodds. “It’s a little bit like how we relaunched ‘JSA’ way back when,” the writer said. “There’s an adversary that is targeting the JSA, and the JSA hasn’t been active in a very, very long time. What this essentially is is a story about legacy. It’s about what the JSA was and through this story what the JSA becomes – what it means today. In the comics, it means ushering in the next generation with guidance from the original heroes that started it all.”

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