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Wesley Dodds | Wesley Dodds jsa, Wesley Dodds al pratt, sylvester pemberton, alan scott, courtney whitmore Star-Spangled Kid! Sandman! Cameos by Atom, Wildcat, Green Lantern! Checkmate! The Fate Transformation! It's safe to say this episode packed a heavy comicbook punch, but how did it play out for you?

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Original Article: Tonight's the night! After months of teases, casting, and a slow trickle of information, the Justice Society of America premieres on Smallville tonight on the CW at 8pm/7 Central. What started out as an episode became a two-parter. Then from there, they merged together to be one 2-hour event, featuring heroes old and new facing a common threat. The guest list is huge, with Hawkman, Dr. Fate, and Stargirl figuring heavily into the show, joining a young Clark Kent and Green Arrow in their burgeoning quest for Justice.

Little is known about the main plot of the special, though some can be gleaned from the teasers we've seen so far. Clark looks like he'll be seeking out the remaining members of the JSA due to the death of one of their own, Mr. Wesley Dodds, The Sandman. The same event led to their reformation in 1999 in the comics. The villain Icicle is also featured as part of the impetus of the team-up as well. Hawkman and Green Arrow won't get along, Fate will be mysterious and likely tease some future destiny of Clark's, and there will be cameos and Easter Eggs galore.

To help you prepare for the big show tonight, we've gathered all the trailers and interviews here in one place. And check back tonight, directly following the show, for our poll on what YOU thought after seeing the JSA in (live) action!

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