Nubrella | Nubrella Review

Nubrella | Nubrella Review. Fighting the wind on top of the rain makes for for tantrum-worthy walks to work. Introducing the Nubrella: a protective bubble that promises to keep you dry.

nubrellapeople_2.jpgThe world benefits when someone comes up with a better mousetrap. Even moreso when they invent aNubrella, the world’s first aerodynamically-designed, hands-free umbrella. Sort of a personal geodesic dome, this invention was created by Alan Kaufman after he watched people on a street in New York City struggling to manage their windblown umbrellas in the rain. On Friday January 29, Kaufman will be seen on ABC’s reality TV showShark Tank presenting his $39.99 Nubrella to a panel of five investors.

"I just realized that the umbrella is not designed for wind and it should be aerodynamic in shape. I also said wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a hands-free umbrella?" he said about his inspiration.

More than a gadget, this gear, with an underarm strap, allows all of us who have ever worked outside in the rain or lugged groceries home in inclement weather to do so under a protective bubble that won’t blow away. You could even play golf with one! It’s genius that is based on a remarkably simple idea — one that Kaufman scribbled out with a stick figure and a crudely-drawn prototype moments after his inspiration.

Founded in late 2008, Kaufman’s ingenuity and industriousness has been reportedly rewarded with an investment by FUBU Clothing founder Daymond John after his appearance on Shark Tank. "I never planned on inventing a product, I just noticed a problem and came up with a solution," Kaufman said. Wouldn’t the world be a better place — and have lots of better mousetraps — if we all were so inspired?