Synthetic gasoline, Rp 3,500 Per Liter

In the midst of incessant trend change mobility tool throughout the world, from gasolinecars to electric cars, comes new hope for a conventional engine, which is found ingasoline synthetic. Terrible, synthetic gasoline was cheaper compared with mine, onlyRp 3,500 per liter (1.50 U.S. dollars per gallon).

Another advantage, this gas can be directly used on current gasoline engine without modification and does not generate carbon emissions. Well, of course you can imagine,the hope of conventional machine manufacturer can live again after the danger of electric cars.

Synthetic gasoline was discovered by a British company, Cella Energy. The technologywas developed from materials called complex hydrides. Development of syntheticgasoline has been going on four years of the program is very well known secret in the laboratory, Rutherd Appleton Laboratory, near Oxford, England.

According to Stephen Voller, CEO of Energy Cella, synthetic gasoline has a very highenergy content and packaged as a capsule with a technique called coaxialelectrospraying nanostruktur.

"We have developed a new mikrobutiran fuel that can be used on machines that were using gasoline. Can be used without having to modify the engine," said Voller.