Barzagli: Will Open Run Derby D'Italia

Party full of prestige Derby d'Italia will take place on Monday (14 / 2) pm dawn in Turinand, according to Andrea Barzagli, both the Italian giants will perform in peak conditionto produce a very open race.

"The game against Inter will take place fantastic," said Barzagli on Juventus Channel.

"At the beginning of the season Inter experiencing difficulties. But the presence ofLeonardo has changed everything. They have recovered and are now back on trackchampion.

But according Juventus will not appear without a fight.

"Our performance in the last round seen a significant increase. Therefore the game willbe running open."

"Inter are reluctant to lose the opportunity to pursue Capolista but at the same time wewant to repeat such actions as eliminating Cagliari," he said.