ufc 109 weigh, in ufc 109 weigh in video, UFC 109 Weigh Ins Time/Results

ufc 109 weigh, in ufc 109 weigh in video, UFC 109 Weigh Ins Time/Results. The UFC 109 weigh ins are starting up and we’ll provide everyone with the live results on the day before the start time of the event.

It’s nearing start time of the UFC 109 weigh in and we will be bringing you live results of the event as they happen. The official start time of the UFC 109 weigh ins is set for 7:00 PM ET and you’ll want to hit refresh on your browser every few minutes to see the results. There’s never a dull moment at the UFC weigh ins and we’ll do our best to make it seem like you are at the actual event.

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Live coverage and results from the UFC 109 weigh-ins will be listed below. Hit refresh every few minutes to see the newest results. Everything from the live coverage will be in bold to make it easy to follow along with and the newest results will be listed at the top.

UFC 109 weigh ins live coverage:

Randy Couture and Mark Coleman get a video on the big screen before they come out. Coleman is in pretty damn good shape and doesn't seem hurt from the cut. 205 on the nose. Randy Couture comes out to a ton of applause and no one is surprised. Randy is also at 205 and doesn't look tired.

Chael Sonnen is next up and he comes out to plenty of boos. It might just be me but he does look a little beat from the cut. Nate "The Great" Marquardt comes out to some applause and is good at 186. Both guys make weight.

Paulo Thiago is next. Sporting his trademark unibrow and looks to be in great shape. Makes weight no problem. Mike Swick comes up and is in at 171. Fight is on. No size advantage here.

Dan Miller and Demian Maia taking the stage. Miller at 185. Maia weighs in at 186 and didn't even have to take his shirt off. He still looks about the same size as Miller.

On to the main card guys. Matt Serra and Frank Trigg are first. Trigg gets some boos and smiles. 171 for "Twinkle Toes". Serra fakes out one of the guys on stage with a fake nut punch. Serra is in at 169.

Justin Buchholz and Mac Danzig coming up now. Buchholz at 156. Ultimate Fighter winner Mac Danzig gets some cheers put them weighs over and takes off the shorts and makes 156 on the dot. Buchholz has a small size advantage.

Ronys Torres walks to the scale with his country's flag. Hands it off and is at 156. A pound over is okay. Melvin "The Young Assassin" Guillard is ripped and at 155. He's also in a white tighty whitey get-up that doesn't leave much for the imagination. Damnit Melvin.

Rob Emerson and Philippe Nover coming up now at lightweight. 155 for Emerson. Nover apparently did not faint backstage and looks pumped for the weigh ins. Cool guy shades are on and Nover is 155 on the dot. Emerson gets in Nover's face before both split.

Phil "Mr. Wonderful" Davis vs Brian "All-American" Stann is next. Davis is insanely shredded and is a perfect 205 on the scale. That guy is massive. Incredible wrestler. On to Stann now... Stann is in his normal fight shape and comes in at 205 as well. No one missed weight yet.

Chris Tuscherer is next out and looks out of shape. That's just his normal appearance though and the wrestler weighs in at 263 pounds. Tim Hague isn't exactly ripped either (still normal for him) and comes in at 263. Another heavyweight fight ready to go.

Joey "The Mexicutioner" Beltran looks like he packs a ton of power and weighs in at 238 pounds. Rolles Gracie isn't as impressive physically but looks fit and weighs in at 247. First fight of the night!

The UFC 109 weigh-ins are just getting started with Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg hyping up the event. Rogan introduces the "professional hot chicks" and all of the other noticeable people in the UFC brass.

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